Natural Pain Management

Every year, more than 3 million Americans are treated for chronic pain. Chronic pain is described as any pain lasting longer than 12 weeks, often caused by inflamed or dysfunctional nerves. People suffering chronic pain may experience extreme sensitivity to pain, fatigue, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and more.

Not only is chronic pain uncomfortable, but it can also affect your quality of life.

Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or migraines, these chronic issues can keep you from performing normal, everyday tasks or participating in activities you enjoy. At Crevar Chiropractic, we offer natural pain management solutions to alleviate pain and return your body to normal function.

While chronic pain can be a result of various issues, it often starts at the spine.

A misalignment in the spine compresses nearby nerves that can trigger recurring pain. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain by restoring alignment and freeing compressed nerves. Dr. Crevar may also work with our resident massage therapist, Jerry Tiller, to provide comprehensive treatment for chronic pain.

Unlike pain medications, natural pain relief solutions are totally natural with no harmful side effects. Using functional medicine, Dr. Crevar aims to find the root cause of your pain and treat it. Most pain medications simply manage the symptoms associated with that cause, not the cause itself. These drugs work by affecting your brain’s ability to process pain signals, and pain relief is only temporary. Once the medication wears off, pain returns.

Not only will chiropractic care treat chronic pain at the source, but will also promote your body’s overall wellness, releasing compressed nerves to promote optimal nervous system function and restore alignment.

Dr. Crevar’s natural, drug-free pain management solutions treat the underlying cause of your pain, rather than simply alleviating symptoms that will return. Dr. Crevar also offers wellness advice and recommends lifestyle changes that promote overall bodily health.

These lifestyle changes can help prevent chronic pain and other medical issues from occurring in the future.

At Crevar Chiropractic, we offer effective, long-lasting pain relief and management. In addition to treatment for chronic pain, Dr. Crevar can also treat pain associated with injuries from auto accidents, sports, and more.

Nobody should live in pain, or allow pain to affect their quality of life. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, migraines or headaches, or pain from injuries, natural pain management from Crevar Chiropractic can help. Contact us today to learn more about how natural, drug-free pain relief can benefit you.

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