Sports Injuries

Sports and injuries go hand in hand; when you are constantly active and competing to do your best, your body gets pushed to the maximum. This will lead to most athletes getting injured at one time or another. Common injuries during athletic events almost always involve the spine and extremities.

Chiropractic is excellent at rehabilitating both of these areas by assisting the body’s natural healing ability.

In addition to addressing issues at the spinal level, Dr. Crevar is an extremity practitioner, meaning that he works on all of the joints of the arm and leg. He has spent several hundred hours in post-graduate seminars perfecting the diagnoses and treatment of almost all extremity related issues.

Chiropractic is also crucial in preventing sports and other types of injuries.

Have you ever noticed that some people are just more prone to injuries, whereas others seem bullet proof? The athlete’s neurology has a direct impact on this topic. Equal muscle tone and fast, efficient pathways are necessary to avoid injuries. The two halves of our brain don’t always perform at the same rate and become unbalanced. When this occurs, the unbalanced brain delivers unbalanced muscle tone to all of the muscles of the body. Unbalanced muscle tone causes unstable joints, leaving a greater potential for injuries. Under performing neurological pathways slow down the brains response to adapt to quick movements seen in athletics. This too can increase the chance for injury. Regular chiropractic adjustments allow for better muscular balance and response time, decreasing the potential for injury.

We don’t limit our extremity work to only athletes. It is part of the normal chiropractic adjustment at Crevar Chiropractic. A full global assessment is administered every time a patient is seen. This means that every joint and every aspect of one’s neurology is taken into consideration each visit. Subluxations occur at many different levels of the body.

We realize that just because there may be pain at one particular spot of the body, doesn’t mean that is where the problem exists.

For example, somebody’s chronic neck pain only feels better a day or so after their neck adjustment. This pattern could last forever if only the neck is being addressed. Other areas need to be observed and tested for Subluxation. Any Subluxation of the arm could cause abnormal arm swing and excessive pulling on the neck, causing the neck to chronically subluxate. In this situation, the neck misalignments were secondary to the arm Subluxations. Adjusting the neck was only providing temporary relief because the main issue was being ignored. We look at the individual as a whole as opposed to focusing on where the pain is centered.

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