Repair & Clear Detox Cleanse – Charleston, SC

Repair & Clear Detox Cleanse - Charleston, SC

Over the past several decades, stressful lifestyles, chemical exposure, poor diets and infections have caused major health problems. Certain natural, drug free steps can be taken to reverse the harm that has been inflicted on our bodies. These include aiding two of the body’s key functions: digestion and detoxification.

The digestive tract is the part of our body that allows absorption of what we eat to gain access to our internal environment. There are tight junctions in our intestinal walls that let small, digested food particles into the blood stream to be used as fuel.

Repair & Clear Detox Cleanse - Charleston, SC

Internal and external stress can cause the intestines to become inflamed and irritated, compromising the tight junctions. Undigested food particles, toxins and bacteria are able to pass through when this occurs and causes “leaky gut syndrome”. This leads to a number of health issues because of the body’s exaggerated immune response, furthering whole body inflammation. This is why gut issues lead to problems throughout the body.

Toxins also enter the body through the lungs and skin. These chemicals come from foods, drinks, medicines, food additives, cleaning supplies and personal care items just to name a few. These toxins bind to fat and connective tissue and disrupt the delicate internal balance of our chemistry having whole body consequences. Detoxification breaks the bonds of the toxins and converts their structure allowing them to be eliminated from the body.

The Repair & Clear program targets both digestive repair and detoxification through a specific diet regimen and nutritional supplements over a six week period. This is not a fast; you are allowed and encouraged to eat frequently to maintain a steady glucose level. Certain foods are restricted and must be avoided.

If you are ready to make a major step in improving your overall health, give the Repair & Clear program a try with us at Crevar Chiropractic! We offer several types of doctor-supported cleanse programs in both individual and group settings. Contact us today for more info!

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