Repair & Clear Cleanse – Week 2 Wrap Up!

Note: Dr. Blaine Crevar is leading a cleanse / detoxification with himself and several Crevar Chiropractic patients. All patients are local to the Charleston, SC area in this round, but we can offer the cleanse to anyone in the world! Contact us with more information. 

Week two of our cleanse has ended, and we are into our third week now! We are in the Intestinal Support Phase to improve the integrity of the gut membrane. A “leaky gut” is caused by inflammation of the digestive tract mucosa, caused from environmental stress, poor diets and food sensitivities. The inflammation widens the gateways between the intestines and your blood, allowing undigested food, toxins and bacteria to enter blood circulation. The immune system attacks these foreign invaders, causing more inflammation and continuing the downward spiral of poor intestinal and whole body health.

Repair & Clear Cleanse - Week 2 Wrap Up!

As mentioned in last week’s wrap up, this week includes food restrictions. The list is very specific to eliminate pro-inflammatory foods such as: Sugars, Grains, Nuts and Seeds, Gluten-Containing Compounds, Dairy products and Eggs, Soy, Fungi, Alcohol, Beans and Legumes,  Nightshade Foods, Canned foods, Coffee and Processed Foods.

The list of allowed foods includes: Most Organic Vegetables, Fermented Foods, Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meats, Low Mercury Wild Caught Fish, Yam Noodles, Low Glycemic Fruits, Herbs and Spices Coconut Based Products and Herbal Teas.

Nutritional supplementation has continued with three of the same products: Turmero Active, Resvero Active and Ultra-D Complex. The combination of these have very strong anti-inflammatory properties, and are taken all six weeks of the cleanse. New supplements specific to the Intestinal Support Phase include:

Repairvite– This powdered product is part of a dietary program that supports: Gastrointestinal tissue, Intestinal Mucous Membrane and the Enteric Nervous System.

Strengtia– This capsule includes targeted prebiotics and probiotics to support the intestines. They support the intestinal environment, including candida/yeast balance and ammonia/pH balance. It contains specially selected strains that do not need to be refrigerated and are viable at room temperature. These strains are also resistant to stomach acid and can pass through the stomach to positively inoculate the upper and lower intestines.

GI-Synergy– SM- This product combines three complementary formulas that work together to support the intestinal terrain: H-PLR, Parastonil, and Yeastonil. Each is in capsule form and are wrapped together for easy dosing.

 Repair & Clear Cleanse - Week 2 Wrap Up!

As you can see, there are many foods missing that you normally consume. We have all had cravings and have been missing our favorite foods. Several people in our group have had it harder than others and have had severe gut pain and the feeling of “needing bread.” By the beginning of the third week, those pains have reduced by 75%. It’s important to note that everyone responds and heals differently. The healing has begun! She has been a trooper and is sticking to the program.

Another patient that started a week after the rest of us has noticed the anti-inflammatory properties of the products after just a few short days. Her neck and shoulder tension have decreased dramatically, proving that a lot of her discomfort has been coming from a metabolic issue.

Several of us have been sleeping more, which is common because healing requires more energy. Lastly, we’ve had a few patients with some nasal allergy type symptoms which could be due to the detoxification process as toxins are being eliminated at a faster rate.

Overall, we are doing well. We are looking forward to the start of week four when the food restrictions aren’t as strict. Rice and beans are on the top of that list as it gives you a greater sense of fullness.


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