Repair & Clear Cleanse – Week 1 Wrap Up!

We are wrapping up our first week of the Repair & Clear cleanse at Crevar Chiropractic. It will be the “easiest” of the 6 weeks, as there were no dietary restrictions from our individual normal. This program eases you into healing and detoxifying by implementing 5 supplements during the first week. The combination of each of the following is primarily designed to decrease systemic inflammation throughout your body:

  1. Turmero Active-This unique product includes a concentrated source of curcuminoids (95%) in an emulsified micronized structure with syringe delivery to meet specific serving needs. It includes over 400mg per serving of turmeric extract. It helps support the immune system and the liver’s biotransformation process.
  2. Resvero Active-This product includes a concentrated source of resveratrol in an emulsified micronized structure with syringe delivery to meet specific serving needs. With 250 mg per serving of resveratrol, this formula helps support the immune system, gastrointestinal system and metabolic pathways.
  3. Ultra-D Complex-This product offers vitamin D (cholecalciferol) with its key cofactors in a base of cod liver oil, which is a source of vitamin D, vitamin A, EPA, and DHA. (EPA and DHA are 2 of the essential Omega-3 oils) These and other ingredients in the formulas support the metabolism of vitamin D and work to deliver a powerful mix of nutrients. It includes 2000 IU of vitamin D per serving and has a pleasant orange flavor without an unpleasant fishy taste. The conversion of vitamin D (cholecalciferol) into active 25-OH vitamin D requires cofactors, such as magnesium, biotin, pantethine, calcium, and boron, which are included in the formula.
  4. Nitric Balance-SM-This scientifically developed formula provides key nutrients that are used in the system for the expression of eNOS and nNOS, as well as for the balance of iNOS. It contains targeted nutritional support for tissues and the immune system. Improper nitric balance has been linked to many inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, cancer and others. It further supports peripheral blood flow to the brain, hands, feet, and sexual organs. This advanced formula also supports brain endurance, focus, and metabolic endurance for exercise.
  5. Glutathione Recycler-This first-of-its-kind formula supports the synthesis and recycling of glutathione, the primary antioxidant produced in our bodies. It provides key nutrients, cofactors, and substrates-such as cordyceps extract and gotu kola extract-that are used to support intracellular glutathione activity.

Repair & Clear Cleanse - Week 1 Wrap Up!

Patients in our cleanse group that have traditionally eaten a well rounded diet have not noticed much of a difference after week one. These patient’s diets are rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic meats, fish and poultry. Some are even gluten and dairy free, limiting their processed food and sugars. Other patients that have not followed such a clean diet in the past have been experiencing some stomach cramping, gas, belching and even coughing.

The human race is amazingly adaptable to what we feed ourselves. We can survive eating very bad food that is wreaking internal havoc on our systems and we get “used” to it. Notice I said “survive,” not live. Surviving is just getting by on the bare minimum, similar to a slow death.

I don’t recommend the following scenario, but I do find it to be a good analogy. If you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly heat it up, it won’t notice the temperature change and will eventually boil to death. (Silly frog) But, if you have a boiling pot of water and throw the frog in, it will jump out immediately, getting away from the harsh environment and saving itself. (Smart frog) This cleanse is a wakeup call to all of my “Silly frogs” that are slowly killing themselves and not living to their full dietary potential. They are getting pulled out of the hot water and now dealing with some discomfort, even though they are in a better atmosphere. They will soon acclimate to their proper environment and be able to handle the healing process. If they go back to their old ways after this 6 week cleanse, their better functioning body will reject the bad stuff and will respond like the “Smart frog” by jumping out of danger.

Repair & Clear Cleanse - Week 1 Wrap Up!

Keep up the good work, everyone!


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