Jerry Tiller, LMT is the resident massage therapist at Crevar Chiropractic. His diverse background in all forms of bodywork makes him a highly sought after massage therapist in the Charleston area. He offers traditional table massages, along with thai massage.

He has always had a fascination with human potential, particularly the human body’s potential. As a result, he attended classes for Thai Massage and Structural Integration around 2000 to see if a career in Massage Therapy would be ideal for him. He enjoyed learning about the human body so much; he decided to make things official and enrolled at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. He graduated with honors in 2003 and moved to Charleston shortly after.

Jerry has accumulated over 500 hours of Traditional Thai Massage training under Rose Griscom, founder of Thai Massage in the United States at The Institute of Thai Massage. He has also studied the art of Thai Massage in its birthplace of Thailand. He studied under Rose Griscom’s teacher, a true honor for him.

Tom Meyers, renowned author is another instructor that Jerry had the privilege to study under. Mr. Meyers specializes in Structural Integration and Rolfing. Jerry has learned many other techniques such as Cranial Sacral, Positional Release, Tui Na (Chinese Meridian Massage) and Reiki Level 2. He maintains that Thai Massage and the Structural Modalities have had the strongest influence in his work.

His interest in the human body and form lead him down a path of varied martial arts and extreme sports. This inevitably brought him to the art of self-care, or putting yourself back together. So after many dislocated shoulders and bicycle wrecks, he started looking more at the body’s repairing capabilities as opposed to just how much abuse the body could take. With a long list of occupations prior to bodywork (boat building, construction, bicycle messenger, DJ, cotton mill worker, etc.), he has gained a firsthand perspective on a wide range of occupational hazards. His personal experience and journey of self-repair gives him a great advantage in problem solving for others.

He started working at Crevar Chiropractic shortly after his return to South Carolina and has continued to progress and refine his art alongside Dr. Crevar. They work hand and hand to share ideas and compliment each other’s therapies to maximize results for their patients.

Originally from Greenwood, South Carolina and has lived in various locations of the Southeast, including Atlanta, GA and Sarasota, FL. Jerry loves his martial arts and music, but has also added his wife, Christine, and son, Kingston, to the top of the list. He and Christine, along with Mayor Minnie Blackwell of Hanahan, SC, opened Tomorrow Montessori Preschool in North Charleston in early 2011, and have enjoyed great rewards from an ever-growing community of families.