Carol Carr is the office manager and chiropractic assistant for Crevar Chiropractic. She’s often the first face you see when walking into our office, and our patients love her upbeat and fun attitude.

Carol has a nursing background in Neurology, Urology, Family Practice and OB/GYN and attended Aiken and Trident Technical College.

Carol was eager to join Crevar Chiropractic in August of 2011. She first sought chiropractic care for herself and her children in 1981, after experiencing pain due to past high school sports injuries, and the children for aches and pains from playing soccer. When she started working for Dr. Crevar, it was not a tough transition from the ‘medical’ field due to her own beliefs of a more natural way of healing the body. She had been horrified at the amount of prescription medications that some of her patients were taking. Knowing that the body is a self-healing organism, she could see that most medications were only covering up symptoms.

Carol always wondered why the majority of her patients were only being prescribed pain medications instead of being referred to chiropractors. She is now amazed with the advances in chiropractic care and has witnessed many results with functional neurology and functional medicine. She truly enjoys the broader spectrum of patients that can be helped with this type of care, without being limited to only neck and back pain.

Carol is proud to be from Tucker, Georgia and has always been a diehard Georgia Bulldog fan! She is married to Ron Carr, a wonderful man and avid golfer. She is a proud mother of two sons, a daughter, and five stepchildren. She also has three granddaughters and ten step-grandchildren. She loves all kinds of sports, spending time in her pool, and working in the garden.