March 19, 2013

Why Your Sleeping Position Matters

Many people don’t consider how their sleeping position can effect their back and neck, but as a chiropractor, we like to think of all aspects that can cause pain or tension in that area. Sleeping definitely plays an important role in your spinal well-being. That’s why Crevar Chiropractic emphasizes the importance of a good night’s rest! Everyone has his or her own preferred position to get the best night’s sleep, but what does your sleeping position really mean? It turns out that certain sleep styles have specific implications and can provide all sorts of benefits beyond feeling well rested, including […]
March 6, 2013
Functional Neurology Meets Fashion

Functional Neurology Meets Fashion

Unbeknownst to most people, our bodies give very subtle clues to how we’re handling almost any social situation. This is one of the most basic elements of the practice of functional neurology – how is your brain working to tell your body how it should behave. From stress to sadness, anger and joy, our brains submit triggers to the rest of our bodies, alerting us how to respond. Typical reactions include an increased heart rate, changes in body temperature and breathing, and even perspiration on our hands and feet. What’s truly fascinating is how these subtle involuntary mechanisms can be monitored and studied to help us determine […]
February 5, 2013
This is Your Brain on Sleep

This is Your Brain on Sleep

A good night’s rest often depends on the brain’s ability to experience the various stages of sleep – more specifically, the deeper, latter stages. But how does each stage benefit us and how do we experience each? In order to take a more in-depth look at sleep and why it is an essential part of our body’s ability to function properly, we need to understand what happens to the brain while we sleep. During the beginning stage of sleep, you are still relatively awake and alert. Your brain is still producing Beta waves, which are small and fast. As you […]
February 1, 2013

Why You Need Your ZZZ’s

I have taken personal interest lately in the subject of sleep. Perhaps it’s because of my own sleep patterns – sometimes I run fine on three or four hours and other times I’m tired after nine. A 2005 Gallop poll determined that only 1/3 of adults over the age of 50 get a good night’s sleep. According to the study, more time is being spent in the light stages of sleep instead of the deeper restorative sleep. Reasons include: decreased physical activity and time outdoors, poor diet, medications that disrupt sleep, alcohol consumption, medical conditions like pain, anxiety, depression and […]
June 28, 2013

What High Heels Really Do To Your Body

It’s no secret that wearing high heels day in and day out can put a toll on your body. This infographic outlines the often dramatic effects of high heel wearing, probably making the ladies cringe. From a spinal aspect, heels cause an increase in the low back curve (lordosis). This increases the amount of stress on vertebrae and discs and can amplify any pre existing conditions in that area. We can help our heel-wearing patients at Crevar Chiropractic with feet subluxations by adjusting the bones of the feet and re-aligning them. Creating movement in the feet allows for pain relief and […]
March 25, 2013

Movement Disorders: A Functional Perspective

In the article entitled ‘Movement Disorders: A Functional Perspective,’ my colleague, Dr. Matthew Antonucci, and I discuss the basics of movement disorders – a neurological condition that causes any type of non-purposeful movement, such as tremors or restless leg syndrome – and how our role as functional neurologists can help with these disorders. We use techniques that treat individuals as a whole. In other words, the symptoms and the condition are not treated, but rather the cause of the problem is treated at a neurological level. Please view the article below to find out more about movement disorders and how […]
March 25, 2013

Chronic Disease Linked to High Levels of Stress

In conjunction with my colleague, Dr. Matthew Antonucci, I had the opportunity to publish several articles for the Charleston edition of Health & Wellness Magazine that illuminate various aspects of functional neurology. One of these articles, shown below, discusses how the body responds to stress and the position that one’s autonomic nervous system takes as it categorizes stressful situations. Stress negatively affects all aspects of life and exacerbates most conditions based on your body’s inappropriate responses to it. Diseases such as diabetes, OCD, depression, obesity, and even cancer have been linked to stress. Functional neurology focuses on the “connectivity” of […]
March 25, 2013

Autism: Connecting the…Neurons

In the series of Health & Wellness Magazine articles I published with my colleague, Dr. Matt Antonucci, we took the opportunity to write specifically on Autism and functional neurology. With April being Autism Awareness Month, it only seems appropriate to address the ‘largest childhood epidemic in history’ and how functional neurology is the most effective therapy for a child with a functional disconnection. Functional neurology provides an extremely specialized type of health care that ASD patients can benefit from due to the functional-based approach to understanding and treating the conditions. To read more about Autism and the specific practices that we provide […]